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Air Malta – a reminder of the Flypass tier perks

If you are a Permanent (or Diamond) tier level member of Flypass, it’s important not to forget that in addition to simply earning KMiles, you do get some pretty good benefits as a result. As noted in the Air Malta Flypass/KMiles section of this website, the full benefits can be found here.

However, it’s worth flagging a few (and in some cases clarifying them):

Permanent tier 

– Infants (children under 2) go free. Please note that you must not book your child and then seek a refund, as you won’t get one: rather you should book your adult flights as if the child wasn’t travelling, then forward these tickets to flypass.airmalta@airmalta.com requesting that they add the child for free. There may be a small tax charge.

– Your luggage allowance goes up to 30kgs (and they seem to be more sympathetic to overloads…).

– You can check in at the Business Class desk (but don’t get carried away: unlike with diamond status, you can’t go in the La Valette lounge on an economy ticket).

Diamond tier

(In addition/amendment to the above Permanent tier benefits.)

– Your luggage allowance goes up to 40kgs.

– You can use the La Valette Business Class lounge at MLA for free, even on an economy ticket, and also take your spouse if they are on the same flight as you.

– You get two Business Class upgrades for a partner (which apparently means nothing more than a travel companion, it doesn’t have to be a spouse) on an Air Malta flight. As I understand it, this means you need to book a Business Class flight yourself within 12 months of reaching Diamond tier status. You then must forward this ticket with details of your partner to Flypass, who will then take care of the upgrade and invoice you for the price of an economy ticket only.

Mileage amounts needed to obtain status are:

Permanent: 10,000 KMiles (not including bonus KMiles) between Jan and Dec (inclusive). Permanent status is then “for life”, irrespective of future travel.

Diamond: 35,000 KMiles (not including bonus KMiles) between Jan and Dec (inclusive). Diamond status then lapses in the subsequent year if you do not keep up the 35,000 KMile requirement in any Jan-Dec period.

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