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Managing your Air Malta flights online

Air Malta has recently enhanced its online offering so that you can now manage your booked flights online (provided that you initially purchased the flight through the Air Malta website).

You can read all about it at here,  but in summary it allows you to:

  • change the flight travel dates and time (at a hefty cost of €40 for each section, in addition to the price difference)
  • select your seats (at a cost of €10 per flight section: the same price that Ryanair charges to book seats)
  • change passenger contact details
  • include travel insurance
  • include car rental
  • pre-pay sports equipment or extra baggage (at the same price you pay when booking online).

The link to the “Manage my Account” option is here. It’s remarkably difficult to find on the Air Malta website as things stand, which Air Malta needs to address.

This is not exactly revolutionary stuff from Air Malta, and the fees for flight changes and seat bookings are steep. However, it’s at least a step in the right direction in terms of online management. We look forward to further enhancements to the website to make the overall flight and frequent flyer processes simpler and more accessible.

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