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Aerosud flights to Sicily – a little more detail

We recently posted on the opening of Comiso airport in South East Sicily, and the flight options there from Malta with Aerosud.

At present, Aerosud is operating a limited number of flights in September 2013. However, the interesting news for the Maltese traveller is that they plan to launch a substantially more detailed flight programme in Summer 2014, to include regular flights from Malta to Comiso, and even flights out to Lampedusa, via a brief stopover in Comiso (flights to Lampedusa are currently only possible from Palermo and Catania, but not with flights that in any way synchronise with your Malta to Sicily flight).

It is of course a case of watching developments, and much will depend on the success of the September 2013 flights. However, as things stand, the plan is to develop the route between Malta and Comiso, and also provide easy-access to Lampedusa.

The development of the Malta-Comiso route is interesting news. In addition to providing potential hub routes to Sicily and the surrounding areas, it is hoped that the introduction of an alternative route to the South East of Sicily will put some pressure on the Virtu Ferry fares.


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