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Hilton Malta – €48 a night with “Points and Money”

Almost without exception, the best value use of Hilton HHonors points is to redeem them for stays at Hilton hotels.

Points redemption levels at the Hilton Malta plummet as winter arrives. Of particular note, from 1 November 2013 to 1 March 2014, you can use the Hilton HHonors “Points and Money” redemption method to get a room for just €48 plus 16,000 points.

It’s never easy putting a value on points, but given that a HHonors point is probably worth in the region of €0.03, that’s roughly another €48-worth of points you’re spending.

This is not at all bad value for a night at the Hilton Malta. It is particularly appealing if you’ve got a low-ish Hilton HHonors points total (of around 16,000) and are not likely to add much to this – i.e. it’s a very good way to get good value from spending these points.

For information, a points only redemption in the same period is 40,000 points, while the cheapest (but non-cancellable) rate for a stay is €120.

If you ever need independent assistance from Maltapoints on the best way to spend your Hilton (or indeed any other) points, just email us at maltapoints@gmail.com

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