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Maltapoints.com becomes euflyer.com

Welcome. After a soft-launch on Twitter and Facebook, MaltaPoints is today officially rebranding as euflyer.com.

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The team behind euflyer.com is exactly the same as the team behind MaltaPoints. While the name and logo has changed, the content will continue as before: focusing on great value European travel deals and opportunities.

Why the name change?

MaltaPoints began life as a largely Malta-focused website. We provided information on travel deals to and from Malta, and this included a heavy focus on the Air Malta frequent flyer programme, Flypass.

As the website developed, however, and our readership grew, there became an increasing demand for more general European content. This initially expanded to Sicily and Southern Europe, but eventually became Europe as a whole.

The new name simply reflects that. We are a website for travellers to, from, and within Europe who are seeking to maximise the value and quality of their travel. Flight sales, hotel sales, loyalty points bonuses or status upgrades and general travel tips all  fall firmly within our radar.

So whether you’re  looking to travel to, in or from Europe, we will continue to work hard to flag all the great deals available to you.

So is it a travel deals site, or a loyalty points site?

In essence, euflyer.com is a travel deals website. Our aim is to provide you with as much relevant information as we can on how to travel to/from/in Europe for the best possible value. However, a key way to do this is to make the most of airline and hotel loyalty programmes.

As such, we will continue to alert our readers to great ways to earn and spend loyalty points, as this is one of the very best ways to travel for great value.

In what way is the euflyer.com team qualified to advise on European travel?

The euflyer.com team is spread throughout Europe, with collective experience of travel to every country in Europe and every continent on the globe. We also love a great deal. Combining these attributes, we trust we are well placed to source and analyse the very best in travel deals for our readers.

Will the Malta-focus be lost?

euflyer.com is very proud of its history as MaltaPoints, and while the focus has moved away from Malta, we will continue to feature all great value travel offers relevant to Malta. We also await with much interest the rebranding of the Air Malta frequent flyer programme, originally scheduled for June 2013 (!)

Can I have a free euflyer.com baseball cap please?

Since you asked so nicely, yes. Simply send an email with your name and address to theeuflyer@gmail.com and (subject to availability) we will post one to you. All that we ask in return is that you promise to wear it (at least for a bit) on the next flight you take. Deal?

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