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Free Hilton HHonors Silver Status + easy Hilton HHonors Gold status

We recently provided some assistance to an euflyer reader seeking speedy Hilton status, and thought it worth a reminder that instant Silver status remains available to all, with the added option of a fast-track to Hilton HHonors Gold status.

hilton hhonors gold status

To gain the Silver status you simply need to enter your HHonors details (or sign up if you are not already a member) here.

While Hilton Silver is not the greatest Hotel status ever, you are being offered it for nothing here, and there are distinct benefits (listed below). In addition, Hilton Gold is widely regarded as one of the very best mid-tier elite statuses, and I can personally vouch for that. I’d reasonably estimate that it has saved me thousands of Euros in the 5 or so years that I’ve held it. The free breakfast alone will generally save you a small fortune on each hotel stay. A summary of the key benefits of Gold and Silver is below, and you can see the full benefits here.

Our list of all Hilton special offers and Hilton promo codes is available on our dedicated page, here.

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Silver status benefits are as follows:

  • 15% bonus on base points earned
  • 5th night free on awards
  • Late check-out
  • Complimentary fitness centre & health club access
  • Free bottled water
  • (unofficially) likely preferential treatment on the specific room assigned

As you will see, the offer is specifically targeted at Accenture employees, but it works for anyone.

Upon sign-up to the Silver status, you will also automatically be enrolled in a Hilton HHonors Gold Status fast-track scheme, which will grant you Gold status if you make four stays at a Hilton hotel within 90 days of signing up for this offer.

The benefits of Hilton HHonors Gold status are substantial, including all the silver benefits above (except for a 25% rather than 15% points bonus), plus:

  • Free breakfast
  • Guaranteed room upgrade
  • Frequent upgrades to Executive rooms (with Executive Lounge access), regardless of the room purchased
  • Free internet access

Anyone staying with their partner/companion/wife/husband at a Hilton absolutely must sign up to Hilton HHonors – the “second guest stays free” promotion, available to all members, including the lowest Blue tier, can save you a lot of money.


  1. Damon says:

    I am currently Gold but will have no status after the end of the year. Would I be able to sign up and complete my 4 stays to obtain gold for next year? Or do I need to wait until my status expires before signing up again? Thanks!

    • euflyer says:

      A very good question. With previous promotions it HAS extended existing Gold status, because the general status “terms and conditions” mean that you get Gold for the remainder of the calendar year in which you qualify for it, and all of the subsequent calendar year.

      This is basically confirmed in the specific fast track terms and conditions:

      Once a member reaches Gold status, the Member may keep such status for the calendar year in which the Gold status was earned and the subsequent calendar year

      The obvious advantage here (as you’re no doubt well aware) is that you get the four stays with Gold benefits (i.e. very good), as opposed to Silver benefits (i.e. mediocre).

      My only caveat is that the above is based on historic “4 stay/90 days” fast track promotions, and while the terms and conditions are pretty clear, it may be worth phoning Hilton customer relations and confirming (bear in mind this is the “Accenture employee” offer…).

  2. Don says:

    If you’re US-based, or are otherwise eligible for a US credit card, you may want to look into the Hilton Reserve VISA issued by Citi. It comes with automatic Gold elite status for as long as you have the card.

    The annual fee is $95 (not waived the first year), but you may decide the Gold benefits are worth it. Also, if you charge overseas, you may like the fact that there is no foreign currency conversion fee.

    If you’re interested, you can Google for a link to the application for the card.

  3. Ken says:

    I already have Silver status from my Amex HHonors card. Will the fast track still work in my case? Also, I have a 3 week trip this summer so could easily knock out 4 stays at a Hilton hotel. Do award stays count for the 4 nights?

    • euflyer says:

      Two very good questions!

      The position is as follows:

      1) Yes, the Gold challenge will work, even where you’re already silver.
      2) Reward stays will count towards the fast-track qualification requirement.

      The latter point has been proven from experience, but is also indirectly covered in the HHonors FAQs:

      Once you have reached a certain elite tier, you may keep your status for the calendar year in which the elite tier was earned and the subsequent calendar year. To make it easier to keep your elite tier status, reward stays count toward elite tier qualification.

  4. Ken says:

    Oh, awesome! So, how are the stays during the Fast-Track period Gold? Are you upgraded to Gold for those first 90 days? From the article it looks like you’ll get upgraded to Gold AFTER you complete those 4 stays.

    • euflyer says:

      Yep – sadly the stays during the fast track qualification period are not at Gold (although you will be Silver). You are then upgraded to Gold on qualification, with the four stays.

      As a related aside, I’ve been Hilton Gold for several years now, and I really can’t recommend it highly enough. I’ve had this disputed by others, but I generally get upgraded 95% of the time, with the only exceptions being the dreary London business hotels. Some of the upgrades I have got have been stupid too – from bargain basement booked room to family suite!

      Throw in the free breakfast and, almost without exception, Executive Lounge access and it really is a status worth having.

      • Ken says:

        Oh I know it’s worth it. I had the free Gold a few years ago for changing my address, but I never got in any stays while I was gold. Just trying to decide if I want one of the Gold CCs or not. We’ve got a trip to Hong Kong, Macau, Bali, and Bangkok this summer so I’d love to have Gold for that 3 week trip. But there aren’t any expensive hotels, just high point redemptions so I might still use the 2night certificates for the HK 70k/night Conrad or 60k night Bali Conrad. Both of those are only $250/night, but I’d never spend that anyways. And then burn some miles for the remaining nights and in other cities. We’ve got 400k points between my wife and I, and can move some over from Hawaiian if needed. Really need a SPG card again, their redepmtions are such a better value even without status now that everyone gets free internet and we can eat breakfast out and about. Will get both cards when they offer the 5k bonus again this summer.

  5. didi says:

    thanks and it worked 🙂 greets from Austria/europe

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