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20% off all Wizz Air flights – today only

Eastern European budget airline, Wizz Air, is running another of its regular, and pretty good value, sales.

wizz air discount code

This time it is offering 20% off all flights booked today only (8 January, 2015), for members of the Wizz Discount Club. The Wizz discount club costs €30 for a year’s membership, but you will save a minimum of €20 on every return flight you book as a member.

If you combine that with the extra 20% off, it is clearly worth joining – a minimum of €20 off Wizz Air return flights (€10 one-way) for a year, plus 20% off all flights today booked today.

Clearly there are a number of permutations for use of this discount, and your overall fare will depend on the route and your dates. However, to give an example, a March weekend flight from London Luton to Gdansk (out Friday 6 March, back Sunday 8 March) is £29.18:

wizz air discount code

Wizz Air’s route map is now impressively pan-European. Our health warning is that while your fares may be very cheap, fully expect the budget airline experience. 

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