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Friday bargains at the Luxury Travel Diary charity auction

It’s Friday, so what better way to spend your time than by browsing through a travel-related charity auction. Not only is it for some great causes, but there are also some potential bargains to be had.

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The auction is being run by  Luxury Travel Diary, but the proceeds will benefit UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Julia’s House, a UK children’s hospice. More details on the charities are available here.

The auction lots are varied and interesting, and include a huge number of worldwide hotel nights, many of which are currently at bargain prices. Perhaps the most exciting lot, however, is a round trip by private jet from New York to California!

Some substantial effort has clearly gone into sourcing all the auction lots and, given the charities involved, this is an event we’re delighted to help publicise.

There’s little point in me singling out particular bargains, as they won’t then stay bargains very long (although I can’t avoid mentioning that the Marbella Club in Spain is a truly fantastic hotel, and currently a steal at this price). Suffice it to say it’s really worth browsing the items available, many of which are superbly priced.

The auction lots close at different times, throughout March, so now is a good time to get bidding. While I hope you get a bargain, I likewise hope some good money is made for charity!

Please note that euflyer.com does not benefit in any way from the proceeds of this auction, or any related activity: we are writing about it because there are undoubtedly some deals to be had, and we think all of the charities that will benefit are fantastic causes.

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