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$99 US to Europe fare returns, with good availability

While many airlines have talked about low budget transatlantic travel, WOW Air have just got on with it. The good news is, their much sought after $99 Boston to Reykjavik fare is now back, with (at the time of writing) wide availability in April, May and June 2015.

WOW air $99

Fares for the return leg are not available at $99, but they are as low as $164.39, putting an all-in Boston to Reykjavik return at $263.39.

By way of example, here’s a long weekend flight in late April/early May:


While Iceland is a fantastic destination in itself, you do of course have the opportunity to then fly on to a range of European destinations from Reykjavik. However, don’t underestimate just what a great time you can have in Iceland.

What is WOW like?

I have never flown with them, so I can’t really comment. Here are WOW’s “promises” to you, however.

In short, I’d expect the full low-frills experience, but, as I have said before, I wouldn’t hesitate to book at these prices if the dates suited me.


  1. Bill H says:

    I just got back from a RT BOS to REK a week or so ago. Two thumbs up! Very pleasant experience on new planes. Definitely pay extra for XL legroom seats. I found them as comfortable as any exit row seat I’ve had on other airlines. Right now, they are flying light. I had the entire row to myself on both flights.

  2. scott says:

    Hi, is there a way you can do a post or review of the product/airline? I’ve been intruiged in the past and wouldn’t mind visiting iceland on the cheap!

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