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A massive 30% off Etihad Airways flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Travel forum Flyertalk recently reported the appearance of an Etihad Airways discount code, offering a huge 30% off flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I was initially a touch sceptical, but some test bookings have confirmed this code is totally legitimate.

etihad promo code

What’s more, since I started playing around with the promo code, it has appeared as a banner advert on my computer, so it is clearly intended for public use.

To benefit from this substantial discount, you need to book here and use Etihad promo code flytues11 for Tuesday, and flywed01 for Wednesday. It is not currently clear when the promo code expires.

Reports on the flyertalk thread on this seem to indicate it is working well in all classes, and our test bookings certainly seemed to back that up. As you can see, it is quite clearly applying to this booking from Manchester (UK) to Abu Dhabi:

etihad promo code


Clearly, these Etihad promo codes potentially apply to a vast number of flights. They also have the potential to save you a fortune. If you’re looking to book a flight in any class, and can leave on a Tuesday or Wednesday, we strongly recommend that you have a play around on the Etihad website to see what fares are available on your routes. 

We also recently flagged an Etihad triple/quadruple miles offer, which should be combinable with this promotion.



  1. sarcastrix says:

    That’s awesome, oz here I come.

  2. Paul says:

    Is it possible to use that on a multi-city flight? There’s no field to enter that. Is there any fee to buy through the phone?

    • euflyer says:

      Paul – as you note, you lose the “promo code” option when you try a multi-city flight, which makes this technically impossible online.

      Whether or not they’ll let you do it through a call centre, I don’t know – I still haven’t seen any detailed terms and conditions for this offer.

      I have never booked with Etihad over the phone, but I’m not aware of any surcharge. However, I’m also not sure they’ll apply the discount (and I’m certainly not sure if they’ll apply it to multi-city flights, when online doesn’t).

      I’d give them a call and see if you can thrash something out.

  3. Etihad promo says:

    […] Picture courtesy of euflyer […]

  4. Mikey84 says:

    20% of business/first with promo code: VJ932M8 Just booked FCO – AUH for stupid price,.Not sure how long this code will last guys,,,,,,

  5. 7zzzflyer says:

    WOOOW JUST saved over $370 bucks HYD_SFO … YOU THE MAN MIKEY

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