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2014 Heathrow Express discount code – 12% off

The Heathrow Express train journey between Paddington and Heathrow is a remarkably expensive way to spend 15 minutes. This has been compounded recently by the lack of any Heathrow Express discount codes. This has now changed – in conjunction with Mastercard, Heathrow Express is offering 12% off all tickets until 31 January 2015.

heathrow express discount code

To benefit from this Heathrow Express discount code, you simply need to click on this link, then enter your journey details in the box on the right. The discount will be automatically added (you actually don’t need to add anything to the “promotional code” box).


Heathrow Express promo code – 10% off

The Heathrow Express is an eye-wateringly expensive way of getting from Heathrow to central London, but it is quick.

heathrow express promo code

As such, anything which reduces the price generally proves very popular with the frequent traveller. This link will take you to a booking page which will automatically apply a Heathrow Express promo code (10% discount) to your ticket costs.

There are also alternative Heathrow Express promo codes which may work better for you, and indeed alternative travel methods to Heathrow. They are discussed here.

Heathrow Express discount codes – current options

Given how astronomically expensive the Heathrow Express is, it is not surprising that a lot of people search for Heathrow Express discount codes before using it.

heathrow express discount code

Although additional codes have come and gone over the last few months, there remains a solid bank of Heathrow Express discount codes that may well be applicable to your journey. (more…)



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