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euflyer.com is a free-to-use, straightforward and regularly-updated website, dedicated to maximising the value of travel to, in and from Europe – whether for the frequent flyer or the occasional traveller.

Who runs euflyer.com?

The euflyer.com team is primarily made up of two residents of Malta, with close family in the UK, Eastern Europe, America and Asia.  As such, they have had plenty of first hand experience of the ups and downs of travel in and around Europe.

Without ever compromising our editorial independence (see below), our team includes a current employee of a major airline, and has close ties to key members of a number of other airlines.

Is it independent?

As stated above, euflyer.com is in no way affiliated to or controlled by any hotel, airline or frequent flyer scheme. It has full editorial independence and while it always attempts to adopt a positive stance towards airlines and points schemes, it is critical where necessary.

What is the best way to use euflyer.com?

While we of course encourage you to visit the website regularly, the best way to keep totally up-to-date with our regular advice is to “follow” us on facebook or via email – the link is in the top left corner of the homepage.

Remember that many of our best offers featured will disappear very quickly, so we do recommend subscribing to the website to get updated as things happen. We promise not to spam you (the only emails you receive will be the updated posts on the website), nor pass on your details to third parties.

You can also follow us on Twitter (@theeuflyer) or like us on Facebook (search for “euflyer” or “maltapoints” (our previous name)), or click on the link on our homepage).

Can I promote my business on euflyer.com?

As noted above, euflyer.com’s very reason for existing is to alert people to ways of earning and redeeming good value frequent flyer points. Therefore, if you wish to publicise your business, or event etc, by offering a competition or other offer with potential free frequent flyer or hotel points for our readers, please get in touch as we would be very pleased to accommodate you.


You can contact euflyer.com by sending an email to theeuflyer@gmail.com.