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Earn and redeem Miles & More with Air Malta, and KMiles with Lufthansa

I have already discussed the fact that you can now redeem KMiles on Lufthansa flights.

However, it is important to remember that as part of Air Malta’s de facto (i.e. unofficial) membership of the Miles & More collective, you can both:

Earn and redeem KMiles with Lufthansa AND

Earn (and redeem*) Miles & More points with Air Malta.

As a result, I would always advise any Malta-based or bound traveller to be a member of both frequent flyer programmes, and the general rule is that you should collect KMiles on Air Malta flights, and Miles & More points on Lufthansa flights.

*I should note that it’s currently far from clear to me how you do redeem your Miles & More points with Air Malta, but it’s apparently the case. I will be looking into this one and updating shortly.

Collect Nectar points with Expedia bookings

As previously detailed on euflyer.com, you can now redeem Nectar points for easyJet flights.


Linking in to this, Expedia is now offering Nectar points on certain bookings, at the following rates:

  • 200 points on Hotel only bookings
  • 200 points on Flight only bookings
  • 200 points on Car rentals
  • 1,000 points when you create your own package including air travel (i.e. flight + hotel, flight + car or flight + hotel + car) (more…)

Easyjet and Nectar

Although it flies to Malta, given the lack of an obvious frequent flyer scheme, Easyjet is not really an airline covered by this blog.

Similarly, as you can’t collect Nectar points in Malta (apart from online of course), it’s not really a points programme which has much relevance to this blog.

However, combine the two and we might have something, at least for Nectar points collectors (whom I accept are most likely to be UK-based).

You can now spend your Nectar points on Easyjet flights.

Signing up to Nectar if you’re Malta-based is not entirely straightforward, but it can be done. I have covered this here.

For 500 Nectar points you get £2.50 in Easyjet vouchers, which tallies with the standard “valuation” of Nectar points at 0.5p each.

Easyjet offers some pretty good value flights to Malta if you time it right, and while a budget airline is a different world to the less-than-loveable Ryanair.

As a starting point, here’s two ways of getting 100 free nectar points:

Download the nectar toolbar (you’ll also earn 1 nectar point per 2 searches)

Subscribe to Nectar Daily Deals

So, if you’re a Nectar points holder who fancies a break in Malta, it’s an option for you.



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