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Ferry to Sicily returns – discount prices remain

Virtu Ferries‘ catamaran, the Jean de la Vallette, comes out of its winter hibernation on Friday 24 January 2014.

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We have been pretty scathing of Virtu Ferries’ prices in the past, but the winter “four day return” offer that remains in place until 30 April is reasonable, with adults at €69 return, and vehicles €77 return.

Children under four travel free, and when two adults travel together, the first two children (4-14 years), will travel free too.

Although it always takes longer than the somewhat misleading 90 minutes claimed sailing time, the VF catamaran is an incredibly pleasant way to travel to Sicily. It also drops you off in Pozzallo (not Catania – the only service to Catania is via an onward bus from Pozzallo), which is near to some of Sicily’s highlights, including (amongst many others) Ragusa, Enna and Syracuse.

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