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New direct (and low cost) routes from Malta – Bucharest and Sofia

Budget airline WizzAir recently began operations to Malta with a twice weekly flight from Budapest.



It is now substantially expanding its Malta flights this summer, as follows:

  • Flights to Bucharest (Romania) will start on 12 June and be flown 3 x weekly, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • Flights to Sofia (Bulgaria) will be start on 20 June and be flown 2 x weekly, on Monday and Friday.
  • Budapest (Hungary) is currently flown twice weekly on Wednesday and Sundays, and from 16 June will be increased to 4 x weekly,  on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.                                    

Flight prices vary substantially depending on dates, but start at around €49.99 (Bucharest and Budapest) and €39.99 (Sofia), one way. You can reduce these fares by a substantial €10 each way if you join the “Wizz Discount Club” (recommended for frequent flyers: see below).

While WizzAir fares are generally very reasonable, it is a budget airline, so anticipate a definitively “no fills” experience.

In addition, if you’re a frequent flyer with WizzAir, the “Wizz Discount Club” is worth considering. In short, you pay €29.99 for membership, and then get €10 off each one-way flight (provided it is over €12.50). This €10 discount can also be applied to up to 9 people on your booking (so you are likely to immediately make your money back on a one way flight for 3 people, for example).

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