300 very easy Miles&More points

Lufthansa are currently offering 300 free Miles&More points if you try out their new M&M Facebook app. The link to sign up is here.

free miles and more points

It’s a very simple process  – just log in with your Facebook account and add your M&M log-in details when prompted.

The purists will note that I did resist the temptation to call these miles “free”, as people have understandably pointed out in the past that something’s not actually “free” if you have to put some effort into obtaining it. However, this really does take 30 seconds!

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    1. Not as far as I am aware – it may be subject to heavy traffic at the moment though, as a couple of other blogs have repeated it. I suggest you try again later…

  1. I just signed up and also my wife. How long till the miles post from your experience? I noticed it wasn’t instantly..

    1. Good stuff. No idea re points posting – anything from a couple of days to a few weeks, generally. I monitor my mileage balances via the excellent Award Wallet, and these things show up eventually…

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