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Heathrow Express discount code 2014 update

Given how expensive the Heathrow Express train service between Heathrow Airport and central London is, it is not surprising that a lot of people search for a Heathrow Express discount code before using it.

heathrow express discount code

Although a number of Heathrow Express discount codes have come and gone over the years, there remains a solid bank of discount codes that remain valid as of mid-2014, and may well be applicable to your journey (in some cases saving you a small fortune).

12% discount on any ticket combination – Mastercard holders only

Via this link, Mastercard holders can get 12% off any Heathrow Express ticket purchase. There is no need to actually use a Heathrow Express discount code, just click on the link.

Two adults together – DUO12

Probably the most widely applicable Heathrow Express discount code is DUO12.

The DUO12 code basically means two adults can get a return at £25 each, rather than £34. That’s still pricey, but a substantial saving of £18 for the two returns (i.e. £50 instead of £68).

The obvious downside is it does mean you need to be travelling with another adult.

You simply need to enter the discount code DUO12 in the promotion code box when booking online.

Key terms:

  • The same two adults must travel together at all times, in both directions
  • Return ticket is valid for one month from the date of first scan
  • Offer applies to Express Saver return tickets only
  • Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or discount
  • Railcards cannot be used to purchase this offer
  • Non refundable
  • Not available for children

Travelling with kids? Consider KIDSFREE12

Given that the DUO12 Heathrow Express discount code is not combinable with another offer, and depending on how many children you are travelling with (if any), you may wish to instead use the Kids Go Free code, which permits two kids to go free with every paying adult.

To book Kids Go Free tickets, you simply enter the Heathrow Express discount code KIDSFREE12 in the promotion code box.

If you have kids and are not sure which discount code to use, the basic maths on a group of return tickets is as follows:

Travellers Total cost with Duo Saver   (return) Total cost with Kids Go Free   (return) Code to use
2 adults 0 children £50 £68 DUO12
2 adults 1 child £67 £68 DUO12
2 adults 2 children £84 £68 KIDSFREE12
2 adults 3 children £101 £68 KIDSFREE12
2 adults 4 children £118 £68 KIDSFREE12

Remarkably, as you can see, you can save as much as an additional £50 by simply using the right code (and you of course need to specifically do this – Heathrow Express will not automatically apply a better value code for you).

Three adults together – 3RDOFF

Alternatively, if you’re a group of adults, the Group Saver offer saves you 1/3 when 3 or more adults travel together. Simply use the code 3RDOFF.

Railcard discounts

Finally, you can also get a discount (usually 34%) with a railcard (National Railcard, 16-25 Railcard, TFL Annual Gold Card, Senior Railcard etc) or even an ISIC student card.

Other options…

Away from the Heathrow Express discount code option, Heathrow Connect from Paddington is also an option. If you are flying from Terminal 1-3, it is a direct (albeit stopping) service. You need to change trains for Terminals 4 and 5. At £9.10 for a one-way ticket, it is much cheaper.

You can of course also get the tube to Heathrow (for around £5 from central London).

Don’t forget to earn Heathrow Rewards points (exchangeable for M&M points and Avios, amongst other things) when booking on the Heathrow Express.


  1. Counsellor says:

    Is the DUO12 fare required to be booked in advance, or can it be purchased when you arrive at Heathrow?

    If it must be done in advance, can you direct me to the site one uses?


  2. Zsolt says:

    I wonder if is it only me, but the Mastercard link for 12% off doesn’t work (404 error)

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