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Ibis hotel sale – European hotels from €25 a night

Ibis hotels are currently running a “Special Summer Offer” sale, with rooms in Europe as low as €25 a night for up to two people.

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You need to book and stay by 31 August – a link to the promotional page is here.

Given the enormous number of properties (over 1000) that this Ibis hotel sale applies to, it’s simply a case of choosing where you want to go and seeing what prices are available. However, by way of example, we found the following “best prices” for a night’s stay in August:

  • Berlin: €25
  • Istanbul: €43
  • Madrid: €30
  • Munich:€32
  • Paris: €42
  • Vienna: €39

There may of course be cheaper nights/hotels (in better or worse locations in any particular city). These are simply the examples we came up with.

Without doubt, there are some real bargains to be had here, it may just require a little bit of searching. You can of course instantly arrange hotels by price in your search results, just make sure that the “bargain” hotel you find isn’t an impossible distance from the city centre…

Don’t forget to earn Le Club points on your Ibis stays. You can sign up for Le Club here.

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