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250 free Miles&More Miles (Lufthansa etc)

Miles&More and Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) have teamed up to offer an easy 250 miles.


Simply download the IHG app to your phone, and register your details using your Miles&More number and you’ll be credited the miles.

To be clear, this applies to new and existing members of either reward programme (IHG Rewards and Miles&More). 

You can also earn an additional chunk of Miles&More miles if you then use the app to do the following:


You can sign up to Miles&More here, and IHG Rewards here.


  1. Jake from MSP says:

    I downloaded the app… Where do I enter in my miles and more number?

  2. Steve says:

    How and where do you “register your details” once you’ve downloaded the IHG app? There doesn’t appear anywhere to link your Lufthansa account info in the app.

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  4. Gene says:

    i logged in with my existing IHG acct credentials, but dont see where to input my M&M #. any idea? thanks

    • euflyer says:

      Thanks for the feedback. This deal was actually alerted to us by Lufthansa so I’m a touch disappointed it’s a bit of a shambles. I have contacted them to clarify. It may be that you need to contact them to manually add the miles – if so I’ll give details.

      As you can see, it’s fully “live” and valid on their website.

      In the meantime, you can earn an easy 500 miles (if you haven’t already) by signing up to the newsletter. We’ve previously flagged this one, but it often gets overlooked.

      (If you’re wondering why I didn’t test the IHG app download, which I always try and do with any deal I post, my toddler elected to use my iPhone as a novelty bath toy the other day, and it’s not quite been the same since…)

  5. Thomas says:

    Had to email CS twice for both myself and my SO, but got the 250 miles credited for both of us. It’s only a little bit, but free miles are the best miles. Thank you for posting!

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