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Flights from the US to Europe at US$99

Icelandic airline WOW Air, “Iceland’s most punctual airline”, has once again released some headline-grabbing air fares from North America to Europe. Flights from Boston Logan and Washington BWI (Baltimore) to Iceland (Reykjavik) are currently available at US$99.

wow air sale

I have had a look at dates, and while the US$99 flights are unsurprisingly limited, these fares are bookable – you simply need to look for them. I set out an example option below.

Note that the $99 fare includes taxes, so that really is what you pay at checkout.

I have not been able to find the return leg at US$99, but there are plenty of options at substantially under $200, putting your return flight cost at less than $300.

For example, the following week in Iceland in April 2015 is available at US$271.50:

wow air sale


While Iceland is a fantastic destination in itself, you do of course have the opportunity to then fly on to a range of European destinations from Reykjavik. That said, I’d give Iceland a go.

What is WOW like?

I have never flown with them, so I can’t really comment. Here are WOW’s “promises” to you, however.

In short, I’d expect the full low-frills experience, but I wouldn’t hesitate to book at these prices if the dates suited me. It’s also worth noting that the emergence of WOW as a low-cost Europe to US carrier, in addition toNorwegian Air and Jet2.com’s recent entry into the market, is likely to have a very positive effect on prices, not least in advance of Ryanair’s possible entrance into the market (warning: this link contains an image of Michael O’Leary).


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