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May Miles & More “Mileage Bargains” – half price Economy/Business Class flights with Lufthansa

Lufthansa has just released its list of May Mileage Bargains, allowing you to redeem your Lufthansa Miles & More miles for Lufthansa redemption flights in Economy Class and Business Class at half the mileage cost (or almost half, or sometimes better than half).

lufthansa miles and more

This post has a full analysis and guide to booking Mileage Bargains. In short, it’s a great opportunity to get good value long-haul Business Class flights with Lufthansa.

Given the enormous range of departure points and destinations, it’s quite hard to give comprehensive examples of available bargains, but some stand-out offers currently available from the UK and USA (and bear in mind you can easily select from various global departure points) include:


40,000 (was 70,000) miles Business Class from Aberdeen, Birmingham Int., London – City, London – Heathrow, Manchester to:

  • Cairo
  • Tel Aviv

40,000 (was 70,000) miles Business Class from London – City, London – Heathrow, Manchester to Doha

55,000 (was 105,000) miles Business Class from Aberdeen, Birmingham Int., London – Heathrow, Manchester to:

  • Miami
  • New York (JFK and Newark)
  • Orlando

55,000 (was 105,000) miles Business Class from Birmingham Int., London – City, London – Heathrow, Manchester to:

  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Delhi
  • Toronto (Pearson)


55,000 (was 105,000) miles return in Business Class from Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Miami, New York – JFK, New York – Newark, Orlando:

  • Amsterdam
  • Athens
  • Barcelona
  • Belgrade
  • Berlin – Tegel
  • Billund
  • Bologna
  • Bremen
  • Brussels
  • Bucharest
  • Budapest
  • Copenhagen
  • Dresden
  • Dublin
  • Dusseldorf
  • Florence
  • Frankfurt
  • Geneva
  • Gothenburg
  • Hamburg
  • Helsinki
  • Istanbul
  • Kiev
  • Krakow
  • Lisbon
  • London – Heathrow
  • Madrid
  • Manchester
  • Milan
  • Minsk
  • Moscow
  • Munich
  • Naples
  • Oslo
  • Paris
  • Prague
  • Rome
  • Sofia
  • St Petersburg
  • Stavanger
  • Stockholm
  • Venice
  • Vienna
  • Warsaw
  • Zurich

But this really is just a selection – have a look at the full range for yourself.

Importantly, with the odd exception, you need to book by 31 May 2015 and fly between 1 and 30 September 2015. Don’t stress too much about booking something before 30 April 2015 however – rest assured a further Mileage Bargains offer will be along when this one finishes, although the destinations cannot be guaranteed.

And don’t forget our guide to booking Mileage Bargains.

lufthansa miles and more

Rule number 1 of spending miles is that you will invariably get better value in Business Class. Never is this more apparent than with Lufthansa – so think very seriously about making the most of the Mileage Bargains route when it comes along.


  1. fw says:

    could you do a stopover or open jaw with this sale?

    • euflyer says:

      Certainly not open jaw as the tickets are return to the specified destination. Can’t see how you would be able to get a stopover in on that basis either, unless the natural flight itinerary on an indirect flight offered one.

  2. fw says:

    is there a way to check how many miles/dates etc without having the full amount of miles in your account?

    • euflyer says:

      Yes, just have a look on the Mileage Bargains website (link in post) for the various options. You can choose which country you are departing from, and all the various discounted options will then be shown.

      You can even filter the results by Economy/Business Class and the mileage amount.

      • fw says:

        I saw that. But I am sure they are not available every day. I just don’t want to drop my Chase points into Lusfthansa unless I know for sure I will be able to use them. It says for the flights to Vienna book/travel 06-30-2015. Do you think this means your return flight must be before the 30th as well?

        • LF says:

          How do you give Chase points to Lufty?

          • euflyer says:

            I have no idea, and US credit cards are certainly not my specialist subject.

            Obviously, you must use Miles&More miles to book Mileage Bargains, so if you cannot transfer your points into Miles&More, Mileage Bargains are not an option, even if you have points with another Star Alliance airline.

        • euflyer says:

          You can certainly check the availability of the Mileage Bargain flights without actually having the required number of miles in your account (although I think you may need some miles in your account, in which case consider doing a Holidaycheck review and crediting to Lufthansa Miles&More).

          In terms of the discounted Mileage Bargains flights to Vienna, from the USA, you have two options:

          1) Austrian Airlines (from New York – JFK, New York – Newark, Washington – Dulles), which requires booking and travel by 30 June 2015;

          2) Lufthansa (from Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Miami, New York – JFK, New York – Newark, Orlando) which requires booking by 31 May, and travel in September 2015.

          The Lufthansa option is the Mileage Bargain standard – book by end of the current month, for travel in a certain future month.

          I am not sure exactly where in the US you are travelling from, but I did dummy bookings from New York to Vienna for both the above options – the Austrian Airlines June option is showing zero availability from New York, while the Lufthansa September option currently has wide availability at the heavily discounted 55k miles Business Class.

          Note (per my article) that tax is not cheap though, around €900 on this flight, although clearly that’s much more acceptable where you’re also paying 55k rather than 105k miles.

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