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Lufthansa reduced fees on European reward flights

The comprehensive and well-run Lufthansa Miles&More frequent flyer programme is hugely undermined by the (sometimes staggeringly) high cost of taxes and fees on reward flights.

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With this in mind, we generally point people in the direction of Lufthansa Mileage Bargains and FlySmart reward flights as the only obvious way to ensure you get value from your Lufthansa miles.

However, the good news is that Lufthansa has just made Economy Class reward flights better value, at least until 30 June 2015, thanks to a reduction in surcharges of €18 per flight route (so €36 on a return flight.

For example, the following cash will be saved on a round trip from Frankfurt to Florence: 

A Frankfurt to Florence return reward flight costs 14,000 miles.

Until now a surcharge of €146.30 has been added to a return flight. Before 30 June 2015 you can save €18 on each leg of the flight, making a total of €36. This means that you will currently pay €110.30 in surcharges on a return award flight from Frankfurt to Florence.

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  1. bobby says:

    Has anyone else had trouble lately with moving spg points to miles and more? I would love to use this for travel in euros this summer but none of my miles are showing from any scheduled moves.

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