Valuing KMiles

I often get asked what a Flypass KMile is worth. The short answer is it depends how you spend it.

However, it is helpful to have a “ballpark” value on KMiles, as it lets you better quantify offers and the value of your points haul.

My estimated “value” (and this is a very ballpark figure) for a KMile is €0.06c (so just over half a Euro cent per KMile). This is an educated guess and is subject to a whole host of variables (including, obviously, what you spend your KMiles on), but I think it’s about right when I’ve put it to the test. The main “reference” point here is based on the principal area of redemption, which is flights.

By way of example, this values an economy return from MLA to Heathrow/Gatwick at €300 (50,000 points), an economy return from MLA to Catania at €120 (20,000 points) and a Business class return from MLA to Heathrow/Gatwick at €510.

Hardly surprisingly, this is substantially below the outright purchase price of KMiles (which you need to obtain directly from Air Malta, by post and cheque), which values them at approximately €0.11 (just over one Euro cent per KMile).

Please note this “value” is in no way official, and is subject to change depending on Flypass redemption policies.


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