Air Malta announces it is to relaunch Flypass

Coming very soon after the launch of this website, which amongst other things highlights the pluses and minuses of Flypass, I am pleased to say that Air Malta has publicly announced that it is to relaunch its frequent flyer programme, in 2013.

air malta kmiles 3

While details are understandably sketchy, this is great news, and hopefully will bring the Flypass (or renamed) frequent flyer scheme fully into the 21st century (online redemption anyone?).

I am not going to speculate too much on the likely contents of the new programme, but I would not be altogether surprised if it involved a more formal tie-up with Miles & More, possibly even with Star Alliance.

I’ll keep you updated.

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  1. I have accumulated km miles through my credit card and they expire every so often. I wish to know how I can avail myself of these points as I do wish to utilise them but I have no idea how it works. tks

    1. If you have a BOV Flypass Visa card, the process is straightforward. You just need to call BOV customer services on (+356) 2131 2020 and they will convert the BOV points into KMiles for you. Please note that they only convert in blocks of 5000 BOV points (exchangeable for 5000 KMiles), unless you are a Platinum card holder, in which case 4000 BOV points gets you 5000 KMiles. It also appears (from my personal experience) that you need to have 10,000 BOV points before you can make your first conversion to (10,000) KMiles. I have not been able to locate the terms and conditions that state this, but it is the policy imposed.

      The position is even easier if you have the Banif Gold card. All you need to do is to provide Banif with your Flypass membership number, they will then automatically credit your Flypass account with your points earned on a monthly basis.

      I have no experience of converting points into KMiles with HSBC but, depending on the card you have, I suggest you phone the following customer service numbers:

      HSBC Premier: 2148 9100
      HSBC Advance: 2380 2380

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