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Easyjet – “under €50/£40 fly aways”

Easyjet are currently running an “under £40 fly aways” promotion for flights travelling between 1 February and 10 July 2013. The offer is pretty simple: travel as two or more people within this time period, and there are a number of flights available to you for under (or just over) €50/£40 each way, per person.

Whether you in fact get an “under €50” flight is therefore dependent on your dates and/or flexibility, but if you are considering travelling it is worth having a look. Prices at the time of writing include:

– €41/£30 – Malta to Rome in July

– €44/£33 – Malta to Milan in July

– €53/£41 – Malta to Gatwick in February (€57/£44 in March).

This isn’t the most amazing offer ever – often Easyjet flights are available one way for under €50 anyway. However, you’d do well to get that price under normal circumstances, and there are some great deals if you’re lucky/flexible.

So, worth having a look at the website to see if this deal will apply to any flights you are planning (or, if not, whether you’ll benefit from one of the “just above” €50/£40 rates).

Also, don’t forget that you can earn and spend Nectar points on Easyjet flights.



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