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Earning Hhonors points with e-miles

The Hilton Portomaso (St Julians) is a “Category 7” Hilton property. That means that you need to redeem 50,000 HHonors points to earn a night there.

Obviously this website is all about getting you to such thresholds as quickly and cheaply as possible. One option, therefore, is to earn some e-miles to bolster your Hhonors point levels.

The e-miles scheme is basically a market research/advertising website that rewards you with e-miles for your (very brief) opinions.  There is also the potential to earn further e-miles with certain purchases or subscription to websites’ newsletters.

You can rack up e-miles quite quickly, and each e-mile is worth 2 Hhonors points (minimum redemption is 500 e-miles for 1000 Hhonors points).

The sign up page for e-miles (it’s free) is here.

If you haven’t already signed up to Hhonors (again, free), you can do so here.

One slight word of warning: you need a US address to sign up to e-miles. However, given that nothing needs to be sent to this address (your Hhonors account is linked via your Hhonors account number) and they do not check it, you simply need to use this website to get one.

Now is also a good time to remind you Hhonors members can also earn Lufthansa Miles&More points on their stays – just update the “preferences” section of your account.

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