Air Malta KMiles – should I redeem them now or later?

A few people have asked me what I am currently doing with my KMiles, in advance of the relaunch of the Air Malta Frequent Flyer Programme (which, it seems, is scheduled to become Miles&More).

The short answer is that I am hanging onto them, and I recommend that you do too.

While I cannot speak for Air Malta, nor can I guarantee anything, I would say that it is almost certain that a KMile in its new incarnation (probably as an M&M point/mile) will be worth more than it currently is. If Flypass becomes Miles&More, then an M&M point is certainly more valuable than a current KMile.

So I would advise patience, and no redemptions of KMiles until the new programme is in place. I will of course keep you fully updated and provide extensive detail on redemption options under the new programme.

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