Reminder: 100 Free Miles&More points or 150 free BalticMiles – for every hotel review

Both Lufthansa and AirBaltic fly from Malta, so their frequent flyer schemes are of clear use to the Malta traveller. In addition, the likelihood is that Air Malta will join (Lufthansa’s) Miles&More frequent flyer scheme, so now is a very good time to be earning Miles&More points.

Writing hotel reviews is an excellent way of earning some easy, free points, and set out below is a reminder of the methods for doing so.

Free Miles&More points

There are two ways to bank 100 free M&M points per hotel review. You can either do it through, or (be sure to use, as opposed to .com or,  as the offer is only applicable to the Indian tripadvisor site: you can still use your normal log in). It does appear that you will get the 100 points for reviewing hotels anywhere, not just in India.

Note that Holiday Check will require verification of your stay, while will not. I am not advocating publishing reviews of random hotels via, but it’s technically possible. In addition, HolidayCheck limit you to 10 “points-earning” reviews per month, whereas there is no limit on

One final point on the above is that HolidayCheck states in certain places that you get 120 M&M points, whereas elsewhere it says 100. As my miles have not yet posted from my recent reviews I cannot confirm which is correct, but you are guaranteed a minimum of 100 points per review.

Free BalticMiles

As an alternative to M&M points, you can earn 150 BalticMiles per review on HolidayCheck. As of May 2013, AirBaltic flies directly from Riga to Malta.

Any more?

Yes, you can also earn 300 Airberlin topbonus points per review with HolidayCheck. Airberlin does fly to Malta (and it’s connections in Germany are excellent). Maltapoints will be running an analysis of Airberlin and the topbonus scheme in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for it.

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