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Ryanair flights from Comiso, Sicily – a potentially interesting option

Ryanair has recently announced three new routes to/from Comiso in Sicily, flying to/from London Stansted, Brussels (Charleroi, so not Brussels at all really) and Rome.

You may legitimately be asking why I am flagging this on a Malta travel website. The short answer to this is that Comiso is very much in the “Malta-facing” part of South East Sicily (i.e. very close to Pozzallo), and so offers a potentially interesting (and convenient) twist to those looking for a Malta holiday, but who also wish to spend some time in this beautiful part of Sicily.

Comiso airport is a 30 minute drive from the spectacular hill town of Ragusa, and a 45 minute drive from the port of Pozzallo (which links Sicily to Malta by ferry).

So, you could easily organise a beautiful Mediterranean holiday by flying to Comiso from Stansted (or Rome or Charleroi), spending time in Ragusa and the South East of Sicily, before heading over to Malta via the nearby ferry.

Those based in Malta could, of course, do something similar in reverse (and a short triangle of Malta-Sicily-Rome is attractive).

The obvious health warning here is i) having to fly Ryanair, and ii) having to use the extortionate Virtu Ferries. The key here is to check for offers on both routes (at the time of writing, a September return from Stansted to Comiso is £116) but, ignoring the price for a moment, a holiday to Ragusa and the South East of Sicily, followed by a catamaran journey to Malta is a really appealing one. Certainly this is an option that I will be suggesting to friends and family coming over to Malta, but who would also like to see Sicily.


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