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Air Malta Flypass relaunch – an update of sorts

In defence of Air Malta, most predicted that their original plan to relaunch Flypass by summer 2013 was a little ambitious.

However, we’re now coming towards the end of 2013 and there have been no additional official announcements in relation to the new scheme.

As Maltapoints reported, it does appear that a plan was put in place to enter the Miles&More fold, but this seems to have been delayed (or possibly even cancelled) by the change in government. I am not sure what the reasons behinf this are, and can only wildly speculate, but it may be that there was some concern over the “national airline” of Malta operating Lufthansa’s frequent flyer scheme.

The above said, I recently spoke to the individual at Air Malta responsible for Flypass, and he was very open and honest about progress. In short, this project has encountered a few hitches, together with the internal issues associated with a summer launch of anything at Air Malta (specifically end of year financials, and staff holidays).

The key point to leave you with, however, is that Air Malta is still committed to re-launching its frequent flyer programme. Time-frames, however, remain something of a mystery.

Maltapoints will continue to review this situation and report back as soon as it becomes aware of developments.


  1. Peter says:

    just received an email that Flypass just cut the extra weight allowance in two, 5 kg for regular members and 10 kg for diamond members. I do around 40 flights with Air Malta between Malta and Germany, most in business class. I’m now really considering switching to Lufthansa. At least Lufthansa already HAS a decent frequent flyer program.

    • Maltapoints says:

      Peter – indeed, as you’ve probably seen, we posted on this and were quite negative about it. It makes little sense to us at a time when Air Malta should be trying to win friends that it would do this, particularly bearing in mind that the people suffering are its most loyal customers! A real sense of being taken for granted, and I’m not at all surprised by you now considering Lufthansa.

  2. Kirsti says:

    Absolutely agree. Have been ‘loyal’ to Air Malta for 9 years and seeing as how their fares always seem so much higher than other airlines these days, Air Malta should be trying hard to keep their loyal customers. I always booked with them even if they were €50 more because of the check-in with flypass, the prior boarding and extra 10 kg luggage allowance..Now they have taken that away (without even informing us) and given us …nothing but silence.OK they still have a meal included but that has gone so down hill and all you hear are people complaining about it, they might as well lose this and make their fares more competitive.

    So now that their fares always seem to be way more than €50 higher than other competitive airlines, at whatever time of year I seem to search, why should we, the customer, stay loyal???

    Sorry for the rant, I have always been pro Air Malta all the way but I don’t feel they have the loyal customer in mind anymore. Their social media has improved, their planes new livery looks nice, as do the uniforms but at what cost, when they’re losing their biggest asset – US – the loyal customers!

  3. Maltapoints says:

    I fully understand your very measured rant! The reduction of the Flypass baggage allowance directly targets the two highest tiers of Air Malta’s loyalty programme (and no one else), which is very disappointing.

    You are certainly not the only person feeling aggrieved. We have had a lot of very negative feedback about this development, and how it has been handled (i.e., an email essentially saying “Dear Loyal Customer, we’re reducing your baggage allowance, thanks for your loyal custom, Air Malta”)

  4. Peter says:

    I spend around 15.000€ each year with Air Malta and would normally do this for the next couple of years. I asked the diamond help desk yesterday about this change but no reply so far. Taking benefits away, no answers from the helpdesk, … Lufthansa looks more and more appealing. And I actually do like flying with Air Malta. But if this trend continuous, I’m going to vote with my wallet.

    • Maltapoints says:

      Peter – fully noted. It’s a real shame that Air Malta is making their most loyal customers feel this way, and the only party that seems to be benefiting is Lufthansa (and I’d imagine BA from March). Like you, I have a generally positive attitude towards Air Malta, but this was something of a sucker punch, from nowhere and without explanation. Something of a PR disaster it seems.

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