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Hilton Malta – €97 per night plus points

Hilton are currently running a flash sale promotion, with big savings on rooms if you book before midnight on Thursday.

While this promotion is supposed to be weekends only, it does appear that the Hilton Malta are applying it to all stays, taking the cheapest room down to a very impressive €97 per night. You are also supposed to stay before 31 January to benefit from this rate, but as things stand it is available all the way up to the end of March.


The link to book is here, and happily you will also earn HHonors points on your stay.

Note that the €97 rate does not include breakfast. The cheapest breakfast sale rate is €110, which is well worth doing. If you hold Hilton Gold status, then you get breakfast free so should just book the cheaper rate (don’t forget you also get “spouse stays free”, so should book for single occupancy too to save a few more Euros).

If you do not hold Hilton Gold status but would like to, please contact us at maltapoints@gmail.com and we will happily indicate the easiest ways to achieve this status.



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