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Another Rocketmiles bonus – and why you should consider it

What is Rocketmiles?

Rocketmiles.com is a free hotel booking system that, in addition to offering discounted prices on certain hotels, also gives you miles per booking. These miles can then be converted (on a 1:1 basis) for American Airlines AAdvantage miles (the relevance of which to you is set out below).

The number of miles you earn is dependent on the hotel you book, but even the cheapest London hotels should earn you at least 1000 miles a night.

Rocketmiles’ current bonus is quite generous and, importantly, has the potential to earn you a free return flight (save taxes) between the UK and Malta with British Airways, on the back of a three night hotel stay.

What’s the bonus and how do I sign up?

For “a limited time only”, you will earn an additional 5,000 bonus miles with Rocketmiles when you stay 3 or more consecutive nights before April 1, 2014.

Plus, if you sign up via this link you will also get an additional 1000 bonus miles.

Why do I want AAdvantage miles?

A very valid question for the Malta traveller. In short,  AAdvantage is a Oneworld partner of British Airways. Accordingly, you can make BA bookings by spending AAdvantage points, on the AAdvantage website. Flights between London and Malta with British Airways (which start in March 2013) will cost you 10,000 AAdvantage points plus taxes, each way.

(Of relevance to Malta, you can also earn Etihad Guest and Flying Blue miles on a 1:1 basis with Rocketmiles, should you prefer these miles to AAdvantage.)

Is this a good deal?

Potentially yes.

The key point when booking with Rocketmiles is to check the price of the hotel if you booked it elsewhere. If Rocketmiles is offering a similar or better price, plus points, then it is well worth thinking about.

A three night stay at some hotels could easily earn you 14000+ miles with Rocketmiles, which when added to the 5000 bonus, and the 1000 sign up bonus, is enough for a free return British Airways flight between Malta and the UK.

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