A record low price? Cheap Malta flights to UK – £71.58 in July

MaltaPoints attitude towards Ryanair is thawing, and it is certainly true that the new website is much, much better. This is also helped by its current promotion of aggressively cheap Malta flights.

cheap malta flights

One key advantage of its online revamp is the hugely improved search function, where you can hunt down and pinpoint its lowest fares. Always on the lookout for a bargain, we recently looked at flight prices this summer between London and Malta, and the results were impressive:

  • Flights from London Luton to Malta are currently available at £39.99 in June and July
  • Flights from Malta to London Luton are currently available at £31.59 in July (£54.05 in June).

So that’s a grand total of £71.58 for a return flight to Malta, in July. This price is available, for example, on a flight going out Sunday 6 July, returning Thursday 17 July.

Sorry if I am starting to sound a little like Michael O’Leary, but, given the time of year, I honestly think that may be a record low price. I suppose it has to be a result of the added competition from BA, but even allowing for that it’s a staggering price for peak season. If anyone has ever flown to Malta in July for less than that, I’d be very interested to know how, with whom, and what you paid.

For absolute clarity, Ryanair has not paid us a penny for this post, nor will it if you book with them. This is still Ryanair!

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