Quality London hotel rooms – from £45 a night

It’s not easy to find cheap hotels in London, but if you’re willing to try something (possibly) a bit different, there’s a great option available.

cheap premier inn rooms

One of our long-standing favourite hotel chains, Premier Inn is having another sale, and it’s offering hotels in Greater London at rates as low as £45 a night, while very central London hotels start at £59.

You can book now for stays between 28 August and 19 October 2014.

Examples of availability include London City (Old Street) at £59, London Wandsworth at £49 and Earls Court at £69. Popular central locations like London Victoria, Kings Cross and City Hall are all available at £79 a night.

Why do we like Premier Inn so much?

We really have no reason to unduly push Premier Inn, and to emphasise that fact we have not included any affiliate links on this post. As such, we receive nothing from Premier Inn either for this publicity, or for you going ahead and booking.

We like Premier Inn because it provides clean, consistent rooms that will, without exception in our experience, offer a comfortable night. All the basic comforts are there – a good bed, pillows, shower and TV. So everything that is needed is there, and they do that very well. What it lacks is any overt frills – you are unlikely to have a particularly impressive view, nor will your room contain those ornate touches you get in a five star hotel.

That said, if you want to turn off the light, you can rest assured there will be an obvious switch to do it. None of the scrabbling around, desperately trying to find the switch for the side light that seems to blight almost every one of my stays in the higher end hotels.

Premier Inn may be a budget hotel, but it is not a cheap hotel. You should have a comfortable. quality night.

But don’t just take our word for it. They offer you your money back if you don’t get a good night’s sleep. I’m not sure if this means that an army of insomniacs is living for free in Premier Inn’s throughout the country. Perhaps.

Can I earn points/other loyalty rewards on stays?

No. Premier Inn has no loyalty scheme and so points or other rewards cannot be earned on stays (aside from those that you might earn on your credit card when you pay for the room). This very much ties in with the philosophy of Premier Inn, which is to provide you with all the necessary comforts very well, without adding anything not strictly needed.

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  1. There are a few good and cheap hotels in Earl’s Court. A good neighbourhood, I stay there occasionally when passing through.

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