Hotel rooms at Gatwick airport – £29 per night for up to 2 adults and 2 children

The excellent Premier Inn is currently having a summer sale on some select UK properties, including its two hotels at Gatwick airport.

cheap gatwick hotels

This has led to some astonishingly low prices, with a few rooms currently available at £29 a night, and a huge number available at £35 a night.

We have checked all “low cost” availability for the promotional period (3 July-4 August 2014), and the results are as follows:

Premier Inn Gatwick: North Terminal

£29 Rooms

Thu 14 August, Mon 21 August

£49 rooms

Fri 25-Weds 30 July, Fri 1-Sun 3 August, Tues 5-Thu 7 August, Sat 9-Sun 10 August, Mon 11-Weds 13 August, Fri 15- Weds 20 Aug, Fri 22- Sun 31 August

Premier Inn Gatwick: A23 Airport Way

£29 rooms

Fri 25 July, Thu 7-Fri 8 August, Sun 17 August, Wed 20 August, Sun 24-Mon 25 August, Sun 31 August

£35 rooms

Sun 13 July, Thu 17-Sun 20 July, Fri 25 July, Sun 27 July, Tue 29 July, Wed 30-Thu 31 July, Sun 3-Mon 4 August, Wed 6-Sun 10 August, Mon 11 – Sat 16 August,  Mon 18-Tues 19 August, Thu 21-Sat 23 August, Tue 26- Sat 30 August

Don’t forget – this rate is applicable for up to 2 adults and 2 children.

We have previously spoken very highly of Premier Inn when we featured its (still current) central London sale, and our views have not changed.

As you should be aware, BA now flies to Malta from Gatwick. Given that these flights depart Gatwick as early as 0800, and the return legs arrive in Gatwick as late as 2355, a night at a Gatwick hotel, at these prices, may be a very good option.

Edit: Shortly after posting this, I noticed that, today, View from the Wing had posted a short review (with photos) of a Premier Inn. Yes it’s the Abu Dhabi one, but standards are quite rigid globally and I trust an endorsement from seasoned traveller Gary Leff will help persuade you if you’re unconvinced by our recommendation…

For the record, MaltaPoints does not earn any commission if you book with Premier Inn – we are simply recommending this offer for the great value that it is.

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