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BA Italy-US business class sale – New York returns at €1294 all-in

As alerted to us by the ever-reliable Headforpoints, frequent flyer website Flyertalk has been getting very excited about the current BA sale on business class flights to the US.


By way of example, Rome to New York JFK is currently available at €1294.05 including fees and taxes. Clearly, any Malta traveller will need to get to Rome, but this can be done at minimal expense, and you could of course incorporate a night or two there. However, even the ex-Malta fares are very good (see further below).

Fares currently available via a simple search for business class fares on ba.com. (If you’re starting in the US, the discounted fares are also available – you’ll just be quoted a low price in USD.) As this is an “EU” sale, there is plenty of availability from/to other EU destinations – see our examples below, but otherwise you just need to search for it.

Other examples include:

  • Milan-New York: €1367
  • Malta-New York: €1500
  • Milan-Miami: €1529
  • Malta-Miami: €1639
  • Milan-Las Vegas: €1679
  • Milan-Los Angeles: €1650

(FYI, Milan flights tend to be direct, Rome/Malta with a connection)

Key terms:

  • Selling period is 27 May 2014 to 11 June 2014
  • Travel period is 24 June 2014 to 12 April 2015
  • There is generally a seven night minimum stay required

Check when you book, but you are most likely to be flying with BA Oneworld partner, American Airlines.

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