Are you eligible for an instant upgrade to American Airlines Platinum status?

Just click on this link to find out. You need to be a Hilton HHonors member to (potentially) qualify.


We didn’t have any luck, but let us know in the comments if you do better. Given the perks of American Airlines Platinum, it’s worth a try – at worst it’s 30 seconds wasted.

(For a guaranteed status upgrade, you can join the loyalty programme of Small Luxury Hotels of the World (the Club) at the higher “Loved” level if you sign up via this link. While all Club members get a free room upgrade on every stay, additional “Loved” benefits include free continental breakfast for two and late check-out. Thanks to Raffles at headforpoints for that tip.)

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    1. I take your point. Many “legit” Hilton Golds feel the same, given how easy it is to get Gold through other channels these days.

    1. The link is the best I can do. If you don’t qualify through this then it’s probably a no go I’m afraid (unless you can convince Hilton over the phone without anything further, but it seems people are not having much luck in their attempts).

  1. i didnt quite get the Small Luxury Hotels login thing. Just did it, im a Loved member, what should I do next to get the AA platinum trought the Hilton promotion?

    1. So you’re now a Loved member of SLH and get the additional benefits when you stay at their hotels. This has no bearing on your status with Hilton though.

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