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Ever wonder what happened to London’s bendy buses?

It’s fair to say that London’s bendy buses were never the most popular form of public transport: clogging up streets, trapping cyclists and spontaneously combusting.

bendy buses

As a result, soon after his election as London Mayor, Boris Johnson had them shipped off to Malta. The story doesn’t quite end there though…

bendy buses

Sadly, as euflyer.com’s Maltese readers will be all too aware, they didn’t go down brilliantly in Malta, either…

bendy busesbendy buses

bendy busesbendy buses

…and were soon pulled from Malta’s (often tiny, and totally unsuitable) roads.The Maltese government then tried to sell them, and Maltese media reported they had been sold as a job-lot for €600k, to be used in Sudan.

It appears, however, that this deal fell through – they are now sat rusting in a dusty field in Naxxar, Central Malta.

bendy busesbendy buses

The conclusion?

Never buy anything off Boris Johnson.

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