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Uber pimping

We haven’t touted Uber free credit on euflyer.com as yet for a couple of reasons.


The first is that a million other people have, so you’re not exactly short of options. The second is we hadn’t used it, and felt rather uncomfortable promoting a service that we hadn’t ourselves experienced.

However, now seems like a good time to gently nudge you towards signing up and taking a trip. 

I recently took an Uber trip in West London, and it was great. The app worked perfectly, payment was simple (i.e. I didn’t need to do anything) and it went exactly as I’d hoped. Most importantly, the ride payment was covered by my free sign-up credit.

Perhaps as a result of this trip, but more likely due to the proximity of the deadline, I received an email from Uber this morning reminding me that people I refer will get the following free credit:

US residents

Free Uber ride worth US $30 if you take your ride by the end of 23 November, 2014. Rides after this will get a lesser free credit of US $20.

To benefit from the US $30 credit, simply sign up here using promo code ubereuflyer, which you enter as follows on the linked page:


UK residents

If you’re UK based, I believe that the referral code should get you £10 free credit. However, for whatever reason it may stay in USD, which happened to me. In that case, you can only use it in the US, whic is probably of limited value! To be safe I suggest you use UK-facing blog headforpoint’s referral code, which is “uberheadforpoints”.

However – don’t forget our free £10 credit with London specific alternative, Kabbee.

(Thanks to Raffles for clarifying!)


  1. Raffles says:

    Are you sure it converts to £? My understanding is it stays in dollars and can only be used in the US.

    I know with 100% certainty, cos I have done!, that UK credit does not work outside the UK and your card is billed.

    • euflyer says:

      Spoke to them, you’re right – thanks. Apparently I got my ride free based on some “free ride” promotion I’d signed up to, not my USD credit. Will duly edit.

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