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Over 10,000 free points/miles!

We are regularly highlighting small free points and miles or bonus miles and points offers, where you can get a handful of points for updating your details, registering your email address or similar.


bonus miles

As a result, we thought it would be helpful to provide a full summary of all these offers – that we’re aware of at least – that are currently available. If you’re at a loss for something to do one afternoon, you can then methodically go through them.

These are miles and points bonuses where absolutely no spend is required. As such, we have omitted points-booster sites like Rocketmiles, and other bonuses that are conditional on a spend, like Emirates’ 2500-5000 mile first flight bonus.

In total, there’s more than 10,000 points/miles up for grabs without spending any money, so this really is something worth looking at…

American AAdvantage

250 free miles for joining e-rewards and completing 1 survey

Avios (BA Executive Club and Iberia Plus)

750 free points for joining e-rewards and completing 1 survey

Another 750 free points for joining e-rewards and completing 1 survey

600 free points for joining Rewards For Thoughts and completing your first survey

Around 600 free Avios for downloading the Avios Suitcase App on Facebook and earning badges

Aegean Miles&Bonus

1000 free miles for enrolling

airberlin topbonus

500 free miles for signing up and consenting to receive emails

1000 free miles for signing up with Sixt (expires 31 December 2014)

150 free miles for reviewing a hotel with Holidaycheck (up to 10 a month)

Etihad Guest

150 free miles for reviewing a hotel with Holidaycheck (up to 10 a month)

Hilton HHonors

550 points for joining e-miles and completing your profile (you will get 275 e-miles, which converts to 550 HHonors points. However, the “cash out” threshold is 500 e-miles for 1000 HHonors points, so you will need to earn a further 225 e-miles via easy 10 second surveys, earning 5 e-miles a time. Then exchange for 1000 HHonors points)

1500 points for getting a no-obligation insurance quote (click here if you need to “borrow” a US address for this)

Lufthansa Miles & More

500 free miles for signing up to the newsletter

100 free miles for reviewing a hotel with Holidaycheck (up to 10 a month)

250 free miles for downloading the IHG app (per the comments, you need to follow this up with Lufthansa – I did, and my 250 miles posted)

Nectar (redeemable on EasyJet flights)

100 free points for downloading the Nectar toolbar

100 free points for signing up to the Nectar eshops newsletter

100 free points for creating a “tag your bag” account with Oxfam*

Starwood Preferred Guest

500 free points for signing up to a promotion (expires 30 November 2014)

Turkish Miles&Smiles

1000 free miles for updating your details (see the comments section here for how to get the 250 miles requiring a Turkish ID) (expires 31 December 2014)


We fully understand that in some instances the mileage earned is not, in the purest sense of the term, “free” as you have to do a little bit of work for it. The key point is that these are, however, all “non-spend” options. Have a moan in the comments if you’d like, we accept the point, but it would have made the title much less snappy.

This post is certainly not a complete list. If you know any more “no spend” mileage opportunities, we would be extremely grateful if you could add them in the comments section. This post has also become a static page, which we will keep updated.

We update the above now in a dedicated free and bonus miles and points page, which you can access here.

*Oxfam is a charity supported by euflyer.com. Please have a look at the excellent work they do and by all means consider a donation.


  1. dan luttrell says:

    Excellent post.

    I also know that the Holidaycheck 150 miles from Airberlin is churnable. You can turn in a hotel review for each hotel you visit for 150 miles each. They do limit how many but it churns over time.

    • euflyer says:

      Thanks Dan. Yes you’re right – up to 10 reviews a month are also eligible for Etihad, Miles&More, airberlin and PINS (airbaltic).

      Holidaycheck does, however, sometimes ask for proof of stay, so you may not get away with “imaginative” reviews. Some people get round this by booking a refundable rate, cancelling, and then sending the confirmation they received if required. The ethics of this is of course a touch dubious though, particularly as others may rely on your review when booking their stay (or deciding not to).

  2. Thanks for these. Some feedback:

    IHG quiz links don’t seem to work anymore
    HHonors e-miles works but reward is lower and has to be converted. I didn’t earn enough in e-miles pts yet to be able to convert to HHonors.

    • euflyer says:

      Thanks a lot for the feedback. I’ve deleted the IHG links, which is shame as this was a nice little bonus.

      Re the HHonors e-miles, can you let me know what bonus you’re getting? The headline offer on the linked page is “Join today and receive up to 275 e-Miles miles just for enrolling and completing your profiles — that’s the equivalent of earning 550 Hilton HHonors bonus points!“.

      I think (and please correct me if I’m wrong), that you will get 275 e-miles for completing your profile. That technically converts to 550 Hhonors points, but I don’t think you can cash out e-miles until you’ve earned 500 (redeemable for 1000 HHonors points). On that basis, get the bonus 275, then complete a few “5 point” surveys (they take about 10 seconds each) until you’re at the 500 e-miles points mark. Then cash out for 1k HHonors points.

      I can’t sign up to this welcome bonus, sadly, as my HHonors account is already linked to e-miles.

  3. This is why I love your blog do you mind if I press this?

  4. dan luttrell says:

    Just tried the IHG points links and they seem to be dead now. FYI. Thanks.

    • euflyer says:

      Thanks Dan – IHG links were deleted a while ago so not entirely sure why they are/were still showing up for you. Perhaps a cached version or something similar. Certainly now removed this end anyway.

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