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1000 bonus Miles and More, Avios, Etihad or Virgin miles

Through Heathrow Rewards, you can currently earn a bonus 1000 Lufthansa Miles and More, Avios, Etihad Guest or Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles.

heathrow rewards card

The bonus miles are available as a result of a Lufthansa tie up with Heathrow Rewards.

If you join Heathrow Airport loyalty programme, Heathrow Rewards, you will  receive 1000 bonus points worth 1000 miles when you use your Heathrow Rewards card and spend £25 or more in a single day. You have until 31 December 2015 to register and make the one-day spend.

While this is a Lufthansa promotion, you can exchange the 1000 Heathrow Rewards points for any of the frequent flyer programmes listed above: the bonus does not have to be Miles and More Miles.

Do not confuse this promotion with the current British Airways Heathrow Rewards promo (requiring promo code BA1): this will only give you 600 free Heathrow Rewards points, and requires a spend of £30 in one transaction.

heathrow rewards card

If you’re already a holder of a Heathrow Rewards card, you cannot benefit from this offer. However, it is extremely easy to transfer Heathrow Rewards points from one Heathrow Rewards card holder to another, so get your spouse, child, nanny etc to sign up and make the spend on your behalf, then shift the points across.

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