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Germany based? You’re unlikely to get a better free miles offer than this

First of all we apologise for this slightly niche post. However, German readers are in the euflyer.com top 5, and this is such a good offer that it would be remiss of us not to flag it.

miles and more

In short, if you are based in Germany and open a free current account with Commerzbank through Lufthansa’s Miles and More partners page before 31 March 2015, you will not only get 7,000 free miles and more miles, but also €50!

Not only that, but so confident are Commerzbank that you will like them, they offer a satisfaction guarantee which provides you with a further payment of €50 euros if you are not satisfied after active use of the account for at least one year (at least 5 transactions each of 25 euros or more each month).

One important catch: we understand from the comments on this article that for the account to be “free”, you need to pay in a minimum of €1200 monthly (i.e. your salary, most likely). Otherwise it is €9.90 a month. However, it’s difficult to see how Commerzbank could stop you closing down the account once the miles have posted…

Finally, if you’re worried about the hassles of switching, don’t be. Commerzbank’s practical account transfer service means that a customer adviser will take care of all the formalities for you and ensure your payment partners have your new bank account details.


I have no idea what equivalent bank account opening offers are like in Germany, but it strikes me that this is a more than impressive offer.

Please note that euflyer.com does not earn a commission if you open an account with Commerzbank, nor are we specifically commenting on the quality of the banking services provided. We are merely highlighting a great value free miles (and cash) offer.


  1. Steve says:

    Be aware! The account is only free if you receive each month minimum 1200 €, if not you will be charged 9,90 € per month (mind. 1.200 Euro monatl. Geldeingang, sonst 9,90 Euro je Monat).

  2. Simon says:

    Actually, you can get €100 instead of €50 if you open the account on weekends. Also, the german DKB bank has a similar offer with up to 15.000 free Miles & more miles! Source: meilenoptimieren.com (german frequent flyer blog)

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