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A good value, easy way to earn more SPG Starpoints

We have previously highlighted those hotel chains that let you earn loyalty points on food and drink in their restaurants, without you needing to actually be a guest at the hotel.

spg starpoints

Once such hotel chain is Starwood Hotels, which lets you earn Starwood Preferred Guest SPG Starpoints on dining alone. This is a great option – particularly if, like me, you live near to an SPG hotel with a quality restaurant (or two).

There is, however, a substantial added bonus.

As a Starwood Hotels Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) member (join for free, here), not only will you earn SPG Starpoints on your food and drink spend at Starwood Hotel restaurants (at a rate of 2 SPG Starpoints per $1 (or local currency equivalent) spent), you will also get a discount of up to 30% at the restaurant, as an SPG member of any level.

To find out what the applicable discount is in your nearest Starwood Hotel restaurant, simply use the search tool on this page, as follows:

spg starpoints

However, the web page should also “geolocate you”, to offer you a link to the nearest restaurants to you, wherever you are searching the internet from:

spg starpoints

In short, I have made a huge number of SPG Starpoints from this option. The key is not to be lured, honey trap style, to eating at a restaurant that you otherwise would not have eaten at, simply because you will earn SPG Starpoints. That’s not “earning” points – it’s (probably) wasting money. However, if you find a good restaurant (ideally with a good discount on it), then by all means benefit from the additional SPG Starpoints you will earn from the meal.

A recommendation please, I hear you ask…

Well it’s certainly not an easy one for all readers to get to, but we thoroughly recommend Quadro at the Westin Dragonara, Malta. Quality al fresco dining, fantastic service, sweeping sea views, 10% off and Starpoints.

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  1. Rob Markoff says:

    So I guess a food run to Malta would be over the top? 🙂

  2. Raquel says:

    How do you earn the points? Do you give the waiter/server your member number before you pay?

    • euflyer says:

      Exactly – you show your SPG card (or give your SPG number) to the waiter when you ask for the bill. This then triggers the discount, too.

      You will then get given an SPG receipt. The points should post automatically in a few days, but invariably they do not. If they do not, you simply need to send a copy of the receipt, together with your SPG number, to research@starwoodhotels.com, and they will sort it for you.

  3. Paul says:

    Does this work for Hyatt also do you know? Vegas properties?

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