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Win a haul of limited edition flying goodies – with euflyer.com’s “progressive jackpot”

As a frequent flyer blog on BoardingArea, we pick up various freebies, promos, things-we-have-no-idea-exactly-what-they-are etc. Rather than let these build up in a cupboard somewhere, or be obliterated/eaten by one of my toddlers, I have decided to share them with you, our wonderful readers, in a mildly “Vegas” way.


Starting from today, we will be diligently collecting all these freebies, carefully hiding them from my offspring, and adding them to our “euflyer.com progressive jackpot“. The jackpot will pay out in three months time, at 10.00am CET on on 12 June 2015.

How do I enter?

It’s very simple. Every time you comment on an euflyer.com post, whether on this one or any other, you will get one entry into the euflyer.com progressive jackpot. The more comments you make, the more entries you will get. The only rules here are that only one comment per euflyer.com post will count, and unless it is on this post (where it can be as mindless as you like), it will need to have some sort of point/relevance to it (although don’t worry, we’ll be pretty loose in interpreting that …)

So what’s in there right now? 

As things stand, we’ve got:

  • A very limited edition Germany World Cup 2014 amenity kit (surely priceless, as they won it?)
  • A very limited edition Cathay Pacific amenity kit
  • A limited edition BoardingArea “heavy metal” luggage tag
  • An euflyer.com T-shirt and baseball cap

But this really is just the start. This is of course a progressive jackpot, so we will keep adding to the stash until the closing date. We have some rather grand plans here, so it’s worth your while participating.

This sounds a bit like gambling, is it?

No. It’s entirely free to enter, and while we’ve given it a wonderfully grand title, it’s basically getting you to comment on euflyer.com in return for a chance to win a load of airline/frequent flyer paraphernalia. On 12 June 2015 CET at 10.00 am, we will put all the names in a hat, with multiple entries for those who have commented more than once, and pick out a winner.

Will you update on the prizes?

Quite possibly, particularly if something juicy gets added to the stash.

If you need any more info on this, or want to donate a prize, feel free to email us at theeuflyer@gmail.com


  1. craigs1973 says:

    Great competition, thank you

  2. anita b says:

    Happy Friday! I can’t wait to get out of work. So when does this jackpot start? today?

    • euflyer says:

      I started adding to the pile a couple of weeks back, and will continue to do so until the closing date…

  3. Ed says:

    Woot for new things!

  4. Wembleygal says:

    Sounds like a great comp … thanks !

  5. andy says:

    sign me up !

  6. Vicki says:

    This could be quite a haul come June!

  7. Tom says:

    Let’s hope you get lots of flying in then over the next few months then 🙂

  8. Teva says:

    Happy to win anything but unlucky, so here’s hoping.

  9. JAXBA says:

    Please place me on the standby list for the drawing! (I’m hoping I clear the list of course)

  10. scott says:

    thanks will look forward to future additions

  11. wen says:

    Vegas style!

  12. duncan says:

    look forward to reading your posts

  13. jessie says:

    great deal!

  14. Atif says:

    This is a pretty cool idea!

  15. David says:

    I traveled a lot for business in Germany last year. Got to see the German fans win the cup. That was craziness.

  16. S. N. Cobbs says:

    Fun contest.

  17. annmucc says:


  18. DomesticGoddess says:

    The Germany World Cup Amenity Kit sounds excellent!

    Am I reading it correctly that it’s winner take all?

  19. Abhishek D says:

    Love the concept! Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. avstar says:

    free stuff i dont need and will never use?? YES PLS

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