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Today and tomorrow – 20% off all Wizz Air flights

European budget airline, Wizz Air, is running another 20% off sale. The great thing about this sale is it is not “up to” 20% or “subject to availability”, it is a blanket 20% discount.

wizz air sale

The slight catch is that it is for members of the Wizz Discount Club only. The Wizz Discount Club costs €30 for a year’s membership, but you will save a minimum of €20 on every return flight you book as a member. If you combine that with the extra 20% off, it is clearly worth joining – a minimum of €20 off Wizz Air return flights (€10 one-way) for a year, plus an additional 20% off all flights today booked today.

Bear in mind this offer applies to all flights currently bookable. You simply need to book those flights today or tomorrow (31 March or 1 April, 2015).

Clearly there are a number of permutations for use of this discount, and your overall fare will depend on the route and your dates. However, to give an example, an April weekend flight from London Luton to Gdansk (out Friday 17 April, back Sunday 19 April) is £34.18:

wizz air 2

Wizz Air’s route map is now impressively pan-European. Our health warning is that while your fares may be very cheap, fully expect the budget airline experience. I actually fly Wizz Air on Friday, so hope this may have improved slightly…

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