Hilton Public Sector Rate – now offering 33% off hotels in UK and Europe

The Hilton “Public Sector Rate” has long been a popular way of getting a 40% discount  on Hilton hotel stays in the UK and Europe. It has continued into 2015, but with a reduced discount rate of 33%.

hilton public sector rate

To make use of the rate, you need to enter the Hilton discount code PR11PN when booking on the Hilton website. The discount code theoretically applies only at the weekend, but many Hilton hotels offer it through the week, or where they don’t, you will still benefit from a less generous discount via a “Government/Military Rate” that will automatically apply in its place.

Notably, the rate also includes bed and breakfast.

What is the “public sector” and can I benefit from this rate?

The Hilton Public Sector Rates are technically only available to employees of “organisations that have a direct report to a UK Government Ministry (including the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland Assemblies), are entirely funded by UK Tax Payers’ money, are non-profit making and operate entirely for the public interest and have no commercial interests whatsoever“.

In practice, however, this rate has long been used widely, without issue. While we do not condone breaches of terms and conditions, Hilton do not in practice ask for ID and certainly anyone with the remotest connection to government should have no problems whatsoever in booking this rate.

The worldwide government rate (which is now appearing when the public sector rate is not available) is less tested: but it’s also less generous, and clearly to the extent you do work for any government worldwide, you can benefit.

Notably, the Hilton terms and conditions limiting the Public Sector Rate to UK employees were only valid to the end of 2014, so stretching the “public sector” definition is arguably not a breach of them. In short, if I worked for a public sector organisation anywhere globally, I would have no issues booking the public sector rate.

Will I earn HHonors points and status benefits, and will the stays count towards my Hilton status?

Yes, yes and yes.

Here is an example of the Hilton Public Sector Rate in action, in London at the weekend(Hilton Green Park):

hilton public sector rate

And here is the substantially less generous Government/Military rate, which applies at the same hotel, using the same discount code, during the week:

hilton public sector rate

As you can see, while the public sector rate is substantially the most generous, the government/military rate only clips a little bit off the flexible rate, and is pricier than the advance purchase rate.

Finally, if you do not benefit from this discount code there is still likely to be one for you – for the full suite of Hilton Discount Codes, have a look at our dedicated page here. It’s often simply a case of testing what works, for which hotel.

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