InsideFlyer is coming to the UK… tomorrow

We hope you’ve noticed that things have been a little quiet at euflyer for the last couple of months. There’s good reason for that – we’ve been working hard on bringing InsideFlyer to the UK market.

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What is InsideFlyer UK?

In short, it’s a dedicated resource for the UK-focused frequent, or not so frequent, traveller. Whether it’s travel tips, deals, advice, miles & points angles or indeed anything else UK travel-related, we are here to inform and assist you. Plus the site comes complete with a UK-dedicated travel forum: that is pretty much a first.

Use of “airplane”, “deplane” or indeed any other Americanism will result in instant forum suspension*.

As well as dedicated UK articles and forums, we will also be bringing you a variety of targeted deals and travel tools. The InsideFlyer brand has some great connections, and rest assured we will be making the most of them, for your benefit.

Sneak preview? The forums are already up and running – you can sign up, read and contribute here:

We may be part of the InsideFlyer brand, but we of course are, and will remain, a UK-focused resource. It’s our absolute reason for existing. 

*Ah no it won’t, but we really will be working hard to ensure the forum remains at all times relevant to the UK market, wide a net as this may be at times.

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