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Superbly priced Business Class flights Part I: Finnair From UK

We have been inundated by more great value Business Class flight deals. The first comes from the excellent Finnair, who again are offering some superb long haul Business Class fares from the UK, including Bangkok at £1299 all-in return.

finnair business class

Other headline Business Class return fares include Delhi at £1299, and Hong Kong and Singapore at£1699. You need to book by 31 May but, crucially, these fares are widely available.

For Business Class flights departing from London Heathrow, these are excellent prices.  (more…)

More great value Finnair Business Class flights (inc. from UK) – long haul from €1400

Oneworld member Finnair continues to offer some superbly priced Business Class seats on various routes, including flights from Europe to Bangkok at just €1400.

finnair business class

Other standout prices include Business Class returns between Finland and Chicago at €1600, and London to Bangkok returns at £1299. Availability is also currently excellent. 

If you’re looking for a bargain long-haul Business Class flight, we strongly recommend that you have a good look around on Finnair.com.

A selection of attractive Business Class return fares we found include: (more…)

Finnair Business Class sale – France to Asia from €1199 return

We recently highlighted the excellent, if somewhat niche, £899 Business Class return fare still available between London Heathrow and Chongqing, China, with Finnair.

finnair sale


Looking a little further afield, Finnair Business Class deals are more widely available on flights departing from Paris, with Delhi,  Bangkok, Chongqing and Si An all available for less than €1500.

Business Class flights are also heavily discounted to Si An, Singapore, Seoul and Peking, with the full list of prices available as follows: (more…)

Great deal alert! UK to China for £870 return – Finnair Business Class

Oneworld member Finnair is currently offering superbly priced Business Class seats between London Heathrow and Chongqing, in China. What’s more, at the time of writing there is excellent availability.

finnair business class

Ignore the headline rate in the graphic above. These fares are currently widely available at a remarkable £870 all-in return. Flying from London, that really is great value.

You need to book by 30 April 2015, for travel from today (25 March 2015) until 30 June 2015. Tickets must be purchased at least 14 days before departure and availability is limited (although currently very good), so you may need to move fast on this one.

Notably, Finnair is actually offering some (ordinarily) decent value on Business Class flights to other China destinations in the same period, including Beijing at £1,669 return and Shanghai at £1789 return. Not bad prices, but blown away by the £870 Chongqing return.

But where is Chongqing? (more…)

£969 Business Class return flights from UK to China – with Finnair

Finnair periodically launches some very impressive discounts on its Business Class routes. The latest Finnair sale includes Business Class return flights from London to Chongqing in China for just £969 all-in.

finnair sale

And there are more. Flights from London to Beijing are available at £1369 return, flights to Delhi at £1269 and Xi’an at £1169. To benefit from this Finnair sale, you need to book by 5 March 2015, and travel between 7 April and 21 June 2015.

Crucially, all these flights at these prices are currently widely available.  (more…)

Finnair sale in Economy and Business Class – great prices from UK to Asia

Finnair has just launched a wide-ranging sale from London to Asia, for flights booked by 15 January 2015. It applies to both Business Class and Economy flights, and these Finnair sale prices are competitive  – especially in Business Class, where Krabi and Phuket (Thailand) and Delhi are all priced at £1299 return.

finnair sale

The sale fares are generally available for the first half of 2015, although it varies by destination. The full availability periods, by destination, are set out in the terms and conditions.

While not quite as spectacular as some of the Business Class fares of late, these fares offer solid value, and with well-priced Economy Class flights available to Bangkok and Delhi (£449) and Beijing (£439) there’s a range of choice depending on your budget.

Stand-out offers include: (more…)



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