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Finnair Business Class sale – France to Asia from €1199 return

We recently highlighted the excellent, if somewhat niche, £899 Business Class return fare still available between London Heathrow and Chongqing, China, with Finnair.

finnair sale


Looking a little further afield, Finnair Business Class deals are more widely available on flights departing from Paris, with Delhi,  Bangkok, Chongqing and Si An all available for less than €1500.

Business Class flights are also heavily discounted to Si An, Singapore, Seoul and Peking, with the full list of prices available as follows:

  • Delhi – €1199
  • Bangkok – €1499
  • Chongqing – €1499
  • Si An – €1499
  • Singapore – €1699
  • Seoul – €1799

You need to book by 30 April, for travel before 31 August 2015. 

Is Finnair Business Class any good?

Having recently flown it from the Far East to the UK, I can confirm that Finnair Business Class is an excellent product. Find out more for yourself, here.

(Thanks to Hyacinthe)


  1. scott says:

    I dont really know this airline too well as I’m based out of the US mainly, but how does Finnair compare to other airlines?

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