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London to Germany – £27 return in November, £36 in December

Germany is a great place to be in the lead up to Christmas. Artisan markets, gingerbread houses, spiced pretzels, mulled wine – it’s all there in abundance.


Very much in the spirit of Christmas cheer, Ryanair are flying from London Stansted to Dusseldorf Weeze airport (no, we hadn’t heard of it either) for £26.79 return in November 2014, and £35.73 return in December.

However, Ryanair hasn’t fully shaken off its inner Scrooge.  (more…)

London to Basel returns – £17.43 all-in, with wide availability

Our dear friends at Ryanair are currently pricing their London Stansted to Basel flights at a remarkable £17.43 return (£9.99 out, £7.43 back).


Notably, this fare is available throughout November, and for much of December:  (more…)

Ryanair introduces “business class”

Of sorts. Ryanair has just announced the launch of a new “Business Plus” option.

ryanair business class

It’s basically a combination of all the current perks you can purchase with Ryanair, with a 20kg baggage allowance and an incredibly flexible ticket (unlimited free flight changes, including on the day of travel).

Full benefits are as follows:  (more…)

Ryanair now accepts Paypal. Don’t use it.

Everyone’s favourite airline*, Ryanair, is now accepting Paypal.

paypal ryanair

Unfortunately, the additional 2% charged on credit card bookings also applies to Paypal transactions. This rules out any benefit of paying with your credit card, but through Paypal, to get reward points.

So, unless you desperately need to meet a spending threshold on your credit card to earn bonus points for example, our advice remains that you should always pay for Ryanair flights by debit card.

*This may not be entirely true. We do like them a tiny bit more these days though.

August in Stockholm – just €86 return (+ Denmark at €97)

With a slight Swedish bias, today is “cheap summer travel to Scandinavia” day at MaltaPoints.

cheap flights sweden

An estimated 1% of the population of Malta is Swedish. In light of that, the fairly limited flight options to Sweden comes as something of a surprise.

As a result, flights are not always cheap, and certainly not in the summer.

However, Ryanair is currently offering returns to Stockholm (Skavsta) in August at €85.86. You need to depart on Tues 26 August and return on Sun 31 August.

Whether you’re a Malta-based Swede looking for cheap flights home, or simply fancy a taste of the Swedish summer, this is an excellent return price. (more…)

Various €40 all-in return flights from Malta

Ryanair are officially ok now. An overstatement perhaps, but they have definitely improved.

cheap flights to malta

With that in mind, we feel duty bound to alert you to some cracking return fares currently available from Malta, courtesy of the “Ryanair €19.99 summer sale”.

The terms of the sale are pretty simple:

  • Book before midnight on Sunday 15 June 204.
  • Travel Period: 1 July 2014 – 31 October 2014.

The following fares are currently available during the sale period (we have checked): (more…)

A record low price? Cheap Malta flights to UK – £71.58 in July

MaltaPoints attitude towards Ryanair is thawing, and it is certainly true that the new website is much, much better. This is also helped by its current promotion of aggressively cheap Malta flights.

cheap malta flights

One key advantage of its online revamp is the hugely improved search function, where you can hunt down and pinpoint its lowest fares. Always on the lookout for a bargain, we recently looked at flight prices this summer between London and Malta, and the results were impressive:

  • Flights from London Luton to Malta are currently available at £39.99 in June and July
  • Flights from Malta to London Luton are currently available at £31.59 in July (£54.05 in June).

So that’s a grand total of £71.58 for a return flight to Malta, in July. This price is available, for example, on a flight going out Sunday 6 July, returning Thursday 17 July.


When to book your Ryanair flight

I appreciate “never” may be the initial response from a few of you, but lest we forget, this is the new, customer-friendly, Ryanair.


Airline’s “dynamic pricing” can be confusing at the best of times, and there are few things more galling than paying for an airline ticket way in advance, only to see it lessen in price nearer to departure. Ryanair operates a particularly sensitive method of dynamic pricing, and while the generally accepted rule for cheap flights is to book as far in advance as you can, a UK-based academic has argued differently.

As reported in the British press, Claudio Piga, economics professor at Keele University, claims that statistically the cheapest time to book with Ryanair is 10 days before your flight. (more…)

Travel to high season Sicily – at €39.98 return

While Ryanair regularly offers very low fares from Malta to Sicily (Trapani), it’s worth pointing out that it currently has a number of one way fares from Malta to Trapani available at just €19.99, with this price extending into May and June. Where the €19.99 cheap flights to Sicily are not offered, there’s also a number available at €23.99.

cheap flights to sicily

Bear in mind this is, of course, the new, “nice”, Ryanair.

For comparison purposes, a return in May or June on Virtu Ferries (to Pozzallo) will cost you €84. Air Malta flights (to Catania) vary substantially depending on exact dates, but average out at around €100 return.

Why we thoroughly dislike Ryanair a little bit less

We have always been very reserved in recommending Ryanair on euflyer.com. For many years it has been a pretty horrendous airline, piloted as it has been by the somewhat antagonistic Michael O’Leary.


So, unless they have offered “too good to turn down” fares, we have generally avoided publicising their flights. Even when we have, it’s been with a slight sense of foreboding.

Change is afoot, however. At the last Ryanair AGM, CEO Michael O’Leary “nodded sheepishly as shareholders chimed in with anecdotes about family members refusing to fly Ryanair and verbal attacks they had suffered at dinner parties“, and accepted that it was time the airline stopped doing things that “unnecessarily piss people off”.




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